Complete Guide to the French Tech Visa

Christian Petroske
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So you want to start a company in France?

This is the complete step-by-step guide to obtaining your 4-year residence visa and living your French entrepreneurial dream—le rêve.

I know because I've done it. 

I started out with zero French and zero business. Now, after over 4 years living in France, learning French, serving French clients (and making them happy), starting a French company, and getting on the path to French citizenship, I've amassed a wealth of knowledge about how to make it all work. 

Finally, here are all the resources I wish I had when I was first applying for the French Tech Visa, designed to help you succeed faster and better than I did.

Your complete step-by-step guide

This guide includes the complete list of steps, documents, timeline and costs involved in getting the French Tech Visa for founders. Plus it includes practical tips and wisdom on creating a successful business and life in France from my own experience and that of other French Tech Visa recipients. The guide includes:

How to get the visa, including:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to obtain your French Tech Visa

  • The full list of documents you'll need

  • The full timeline you can expect it to take

  • The full set of visa-related costs you'll face

How to start a successful business in France, including:

  • Step-by-step guidance on creating your French business entity (Micro-entrepreneur, SAS and SARL)

  • Important information on taxes, insurance, employment, and liability

  • Opening a personal and business bank account and getting paid

  • How to market and sell your product/service in France

How to master the language and culture of France, including:

  • How to learn French quickly, cheaply and effectively

  • How to make French friends, contacts, and partnerships

  • How to use French cultural quirks to your advantage

This guide is designed to be your end-to-end checklist to getting your 4-year French Tech Visa and successfully starting your company in France.

Couldn't I just do the research myself?

Yes, you could probably pull all this information together yourself. But it would take you a lot longer than just using this guide, plus you might miss something important. 

I have been through this, and I've talked to many others who have, too. We've all made mistakes, and I don't want you to repeat them. I've brought all the information you need into one place, put it into context, and translated and interpreted the important stuff for you so you can hit the ground running. 

Believe me, the French government is infamous for its bureaucracy (a French word!). Visa information is scattered across multiple hard-to-find, difficult-to-navigate government websites, buried in technical legalese that Google Translate doesn't even know what to do with. There were plenty of moments when I thought it would be impossible. 

But it's not impossible, if you know what I know now. In this guide, I've combed through it all and given it an easy-to-follow structure to give you a clear path to living your entrepreneurial dream in France.

PS: I put this guide together because it's something I wish I had when I first came to France. If you're worried that this will be just another terrible ebook, I got you: If you don't feel it's worth your money when you receive it, just send me a message and I will happily refund you.

Pricing starts at $10. Every 10 copies sold, I'll increase the price by $5.

UPDATE: First 20 copies sold! Price updated to $20. :)

UPDATE: First 10 copies sold! Price updated to $15. :)

  • The complete guide to getting the French Tech Visa and starting your company in France, from someone who has done it.

  • Size
    1.31 MB
  • Length
    42 pages
  • The complete guide to getting the French Tech Visa and starting your company in France, from someone who has done it.
  • Size1.31 MB
  • Length42 pages


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